nationality of last name
What nationality is my name, "NOAH"?

I can not find the origins of this surname. I am Lebanese and English, but I would know the nationality of this name. Thanks!

Surname: Noah recorded as Nore, Noar, Noah, Nower and possibly others, this is a pre surname medieval English. Nore has its origins in the word "meaning a shore, bank or steep cliffs or residence in a place called Nore, Nore later known as farm in the county of Surrey, but probably once a village. John Attenore of Surrey are recorded in the English Place Names list of the year 1263, while Richard att Nour Namsos appears in place ready for Sussex County in 1353. According to Professor more Reaney, the leader of this time etymologist and drain in 1959, says that in counties Surrey, Sussex, Devon and Middlesex, the spelling of the name is often used as Nower. The earliest example of a recording is probably that of Walter Nore in Rolls Hundreds of Lincolnshire in 1275, while surprisingly the spelling as Noah, seems to be much later with an example Noah Shem being recorded at Christ Spital Fields Church in the city of London on September 27, 1763 name meaning 1.English Noah and History, German and Jewish (Sephardic and Israeli): from the biblical Noah's personal name (see Noah). 2.English: probably a variant spelling of Noar, a name derived of topographic misdivision Middle English phrase ore attention "to the bank or slope '(Old English now). Noe Name Meaning and History English, German, Dutch, French (Noah, Noah), Spanish (Noah), Catalan (NOE) from the proper name Noah Bible 'Noah', that comfort "means" in Hebrew. According to the Book of Genesis, Noah, being warned by God, built an ark in which he took his family and representatives of all species of animals, and was thus saved from the flood that God sent to destroy the world because of human evil. The name was not common among non-Jews in the Middle Ages, but it was the biblical story a popular theme for games miracle. In many cases, so So the name probably derives from a nickname referring to someone who had played the part of Noah in a miracle play or competition, rather than a personal name. Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-508137-4 The name seems to be well represented in Germany, England, British Columbia, Canada, Africa, the Caribbean, France, Holland, Denmark, Switzerland, Finland and immigrants to the U.S.. These are all potential sources of name not to be confused with the nationalities. The names do not have nationalities only people who do. His nationality is the country that you are a citizen of where it Generally, you was born, but not always depending on the countries laws on citizenship.

I am MACEDONIAN-Εvidence for the Bulgarian origin of FYROM